05/15/2014 04:15 EDT | Updated 05/15/2014 04:59 EDT

Large Alligators Seized In Stouffville (TWEETS)

Two large alligators were seized from a home in Stouffville, Ont. on Wednesday, according to the Ontario Society for the Protection of Animals (OSPCA).

Neighbours had complained about the reptiles, which are about 1.5 metres long and were apparently being kept as pets in a shed in the backyard, CityNews reported.

"It was locked, it had a deadbolt on it so they were confined to there," OSPCA agent Brad Dewar told the network.

Dewar tweeted photos of the alligators on Wednesday.

Ontario's York Region, which is where Stouffville is located, prohibits owning exotic animals like alligators, but it is not yet certain whether the owners will be charged, The Canadian Press reported.

Both animals, which looked healthy, were moved to Little Ray's Reptile Zoo in Hamilton before being shipped to the zoo's location in Ottawa, CHCH reported.

"The size they’re at now, they could easily rip off a small finger." zoo owner Paul Goulet said.

That same day, Hamilton city council had just voted to allow Little Ray's to keep prohibited animals such as snakes and crocodiles. The alligators stayed at the zoo while council debated the bylaw, according to the network.

This is not the first time that authorities have found alligators in a home. Police found two five-foot alligators guarding a large stash of marijuana in Thurston County, Washington in November 2012.

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