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Cottage Packing List: The Essentials To Bring For Your Long Weekend

Whether you call it cottage or cabin country, it's where many Canadians are heading this long weekend to finally take advantage of the warmer weather.

While getting away for the weekend provides a great (and much-needed) escape from suburbia or city life, planning and packing for the vacation can be a lengthy process. The lists of endless things to pack – from kitchen supplies to first aid items – can take days to put together and there's usually still a few forgotten items.

What you'll bring for the weekend can vary depending on whether you own a cottage, are renting or are visiting as a guest.

Packing is a lot simpler when you own the cottage, because you know what to expect, and likely have basic supplies on hand, such as bed sheets. Renting can be little more difficult, because it's hard to know what the cabin will already have stocked (though owners should provide a list). In this case, it's better to pack for any number of possibilites.

Visiting as a guest at someone else's cottage can be a great way to spend quality time with loved ones, and it also takes the load off packing. However, it's important to ask your host if they need any assistance, or if you can take care of some of the packing – like bringing extra food or small things like board games.

Your packing list will vary based on the activities you have planned and the length of the trip, but here are a few essentials you won't want to miss!

Essentials To Pack For Your Cottage Trip

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