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Elisa Lam Movie 'The Bringing' May Be Directed By Nicolas Winding Refn

This still image taken from a security video was released on Feb. 13, 2013, by the Los Angeles Police Department in connection with the search for 21-year-old missing Canadian tourist Elisa Lam. In this image, a woman believed to be Lam enters an elevator in the Cecil Hotel in downtown Los Angeles on Thursday, Jan. 31, the last day she was seen alive. A maintenance worker at the hotel found Lam's body in a water cistern on the building's roof on Feb. 19, more than two weeks after she had gone missing. (AP Photo/Los Angeles Police Department)

Nicolas Winding Refn is in talks to direct a horror film based on the mysterious death of Vancouver woman Elisa Lam.

The director of "Drive" and "Bronson" usually gets approached for projects but actually sought out "The Bringing," according to Refn, based in Copenhagen, is a horror fan who really wants to make a scary film, the site reports.

The script, written by Phillip and Brandon Murphy, has been acquired by Sony Pictures.

Lam was visiting Los Angeles and last seen at the Cecil Hotel on Jan. 31, 2013. She was found dead nearly three weeks later in one of four rooftop tanks that hold the water supply for the hotel.

Many people have been captivated by the bizarre circumstances of her death, particularly a surveillance video of Lam acting strangely in the hotel elevator that was released by L.A. police during their investigation.

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