05/16/2014 08:25 EDT | Updated 05/17/2014 01:59 EDT

17 Things That Only Happen To People With Unique Names

Uniquely-named individuals of the world, unite!

1. Souvenir shopping has always been a little bit disappointing

2. Which explains why this appeals to you

Credit: Tumblr

3. This is how you remember feeling about roll call at school:

10 names away...

Three names away..

... And then the new teacher screws up your name

4. Though every once in a while, a substitute teacher would ace the pronunciation


5. But the reality is nothing really changes when you're out of school and working

unique names

This happens all the time.

6. So by now you're pretty good a deciphering what this face means at the doctor or dentist's office

7. Which you've accepted

unique names

8. Because some people take longer than others to learn how to say your name right

9. Which means you likely don’t care for this personalized coffee cup business

10. When a barista asks for your name, you groan inside

11. Because there's a good chance this will happen


starbucks fail

Credit: The Bored Ninja

12. At one point in your life, there was someone who consistently said your name wrong

To correct or not to correct? That is the awkward question.

13. Which likely triggered emotions like this

14. But sometimes people react positively, and it makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside

15. Plus, search engine victories are almost a given

barack google search

Thanks, ma!

16. As you get older, your feelings toward your name changes – you actually begin to dig it

Hell, you almost encourage people to give it a try

17. Because at the end of the day, your name is awesome…

... And you wouldn’t change it for the world

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