05/19/2014 08:47 EDT | Updated 07/19/2014 05:59 EDT

WTO appeal decision on seal-product ban comes this week

The appeals board of the World Trade Organization is expected to announce its decision this coming week on issues involving the European Union's ban on seal products.

The Canadian and Norwegian governments appealed a decision the WTO made in November​ that ruled the ban was acceptable.

At the time, the WTO found that the EU's so-called Seal Regime had violated international trade agreements, but said the ban was valid because of a controversial public morals clause.

In a written statement, the Canadian government said it would appeal the WTO's decision and "defend the seal hunt."

"Canada remains steadfast in its position that the seal harvest is a humane, sustainable and well-regulated activity," the statement read. 

The Fur Institute of Canada is one of the groups lobbying with the federal government to overturn the ban.

"Hopefully we will have won," said David Hutton, chair of the institute.

If the appeals board overturns the ban, he added, Europe would be forced to implement the decision, but would have up to a year to do so.

Hutton says if the appeals board rules against Canada and Norway, then there's nothing more they can do to overturn the decision.

Still, he believes both countries will continue their lobbying efforts to try to open up markets to seal products.