05/20/2014 06:26 EDT | Updated 05/20/2014 10:59 EDT

Father's Day Gift Ideas For Total Nerds (PHOTOS)

Is your father a nerd? At one time in history, that might have been something he was shy about. These days, it means your dad is open to innovative, unconventional gifts that go well beyond the typical accessories he might receive for Father's Day.

Your dad isn't just satisfied with a wallet; he wants a design of the universe on it.

Your dad doesn't want a regular toque; he's a video game fanatic just like you, and he wants it designed to look like Sub-Zero's mask in "Mortal Kombat."

Your dad doesn't want a plain iPhone cover; he wants his favourite superheroes to grace it, so that he can carry them around with him all the time.

We've found lots of examples of gifts that are sure to entertain and impress a creative father with a taste for the finer things, like comics, video games and sci-fi movies.

Check out some of the best Father's Day gifts for nerds:

Father's Day Gifts For Total Nerds

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