05/21/2014 06:09 EDT | Updated 07/21/2014 05:59 EDT

Halifax sailor returns after solo round-the-world trip

A Halifax sailor who left Canada to circumnavigate the world solo 2.5 years ago received a warm greeting after arriving back home Wednesday.

Sergei Morozov left Halifax Dec. 5, 2011, on his 10.7-metre sailboat with only his cat Tsylka for company.

Morozov sailed back into Halifax’s Royal Nova Scotia Yacht Squadron on Wednesday and was greeted by his daughter Sasha and well-wishers.

Wayne Blundell, the dockmaster at the Royal Nova Scotia Yacht Squadron, was the first to greet Morozov. He said he doubted Morozov would make it and that his return speaks volumes about the skipper's abilities.

"That's the only thing that made it happen," Blundell said. "He knew what he was doing. He was well prepared. Psychologically he has the ability, the stamina to do it."

Morozov sailed out of Halifax with just $40 in his wallet. He says he is nearly broke today but has no regrets.

“I came back really rich because it was 2.5 years, a real adventure of my life,” he said.

Morozov said it was his lifelong dream to sail around the world. When he decided to finally go for it he bought a 42-year-old boat for $1,000.

He called it Hikari or the dream maker.   

When Morozov first sailed out of Halifax in December 2011 he hit some rough weather and didn't think he'd make it.

According to a blog he kept, he was constantly making repairs to the sails during the voyage due to strong winds. He dealt with a dead engine, a broken self-steering mechanism, a ripped sail and a host of other mechanical issues.

He also struggled with deteriorating vision and the health of his teeth.

"My health, I left my health in the ocean," he said.

His cat, Tsylka, struggled with seasickness and did not survive the journey.

As tired as he is, Morozov said he only thinks about setting out again.

"And I saw how wind works, how the currents work. So now I'm ready for rowing around the world."