05/21/2014 08:55 EDT | Updated 05/21/2014 08:59 EDT

Honeybees Removed From Kitchener Home By The THOUSANDS (VIDEO)

As many as 50,000 honeybees were removed from a Kitchener, Ont. home on Tuesday after they took up residence behind the walls of an upstairs bedroom.

Carol Stewart and her husband noticed dozens of bees flying into their eavestrough last summer, CTV News reported.

Clouds of the flying insects eventually grew around the house, but exterminators wouldn't touch them because they could lose their licenses for killing honeybees, according to CBC News.

Desperate, she reached out to beekeeper David Schuit, who runs Saugeen Country Honey Inc. in Elmwood, Ont., and asked him to check out what was happening.

Schuit visited the 85-year-old home last week and pressed his ear up against a wall, Metro News reported.

Sure enough, thousands of honeybees had taken up space between the interior walls and the outer bricks.

Schuit returned with his 19-year-old son Jonathan to begin the extraction process on Tuesday. Jonathan surmised that the bees had been in the home for two years, the newspaper said.

With mesh hats on and members of the media watching, they tore open the wall and found anywhere from 40,000 to 50,000 honeybees, which they carried out of the home and later took to Schuit's own hives.

Jonathan even found the queen bee, which was placed in a jar and removed from the house.

For now, the bees will remain with Schuit, but he intends to drive them to wild surroundings about an hour or so north of his Elmwood property, said Metro News.

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