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15 Signs You're An Instagram Fashion Girl (PHOTOS)

Let's be real: no one exists unless they're on Instagram, right?

So, if you're interested in all things fashion, then chances are, not only do you have an Instagram account but you also love posting impossibly chic selfies that most of your friends (who don't obsess over Rumi Neely) don't understand.

But, dear Song Of Style wannabes, we understand. We really do.

So, to celebrate the ladies who take the time plotting what to wear and how to pose in their next Instagram pic, we take a look at the 15 signs you're an Instagram fashion girl. Because we really do care about this stuff.

1. You take photos of your impossibly chic legs and feet.

2. Your designer bags are your children, therefore they get photographed a lot.

3. Lucky editor-in-chief Eva Chen is your Instagram idol.

4. You wear ballgowns like it's NBD.

5. Your jewelry collection gets more Instagram face time than your outfits.

6. You love making collages.

7. You're on the cover of magazines because you are Instagram famous.

8. You can't stop sharing photos of your fabulous manicure.

9. Even your food is chic.

10. You're dressed up even when you're dressed down.

11. Your dog is also an Instagram star.

12. You love showing off all the free designer goods you get.

12. You get your boyfriend to take all your photos.

12. Vacay photos are a must.

13. You make mirror selfies fabulous, not cheesy.

14. Airport pics are a staple of your Instagram feed.

15. Your magazine collection has made several appearances.

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