05/21/2014 01:57 EDT | Updated 05/21/2014 01:59 EDT

Langley Moms Busted For Drunk Driving With Kids

Not one, but two B.C. mothers were caught drunk driving with their children in separate cases on the same day.

The first driver, 32, was stopped last Friday evening for using her cellphone, said Langley RCMP Cpl. Holly Marks. An officer found she appeared to have been consuming alcohol — and discovered an open bottle of wine in the front of the car.

Her eight-year-old daughter was sitting in the back.

The woman, described as "less than co-operative," failed a roadside screening device test. She was immediately banned from driving for 90 days and her vehicle was impounded. She was also issued a violation ticket for using her cellphone, said Marks.

About half an hour later, a different vehicle crashed and got "stranded" on a median in Langley.

The female driver, 37, appeared to have been drinking and also blew a fail on a roadside screening device, said police. Her seven-year-old daughter was in the front passenger seat.

The woman was also issued a 90-day immediate roadside suspension and her vehicle was impounded. She also got a ticket for not having any insurance.

"It likely goes without saying that there are a number of concerns here," said Marks in a news release. "Of particular concern is both mothers were allegedly impaired by alcohol and chose to drive with their young children in the vehicle with them."

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