05/21/2014 04:26 EDT | Updated 05/22/2014 12:59 EDT

Seth Rogen Taught Snoop Dogg How To Roll A Perfect Cross Joint

Vancouver's own Seth Rogen taught Snoop Dogg — a pot advocate if there ever was one — a thing or two about rolling joints this week.

Rogen appeared on Snoop's show Double G News (GGN) and apparently taught the rapper how to craft the perfect cross joint.

(For those less versed in weed speak, a cross joint is created by rolling two joints and then sticking them together to make a cross. You light all three ends for maximum toking. Or so we've heard.)

GGN is Snoop's weekly grass-friendly YouTube news show, because of course. Past guests include singer Pharrell and rapper Redman.

Rogen was recently on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" where he told the host about what it was like to smoke weed with Snoop and his crew when the rapper was recording a song for Rogen's movie "This Is The End."

"I hung in there, and at the end of the night, one of [Snoop's] guys looked at me and said, 'Damn, Seth, you can smoke,'" Rogen recalled. "And I thought, 'You're damn right I can!'"

You make us so proud, Seth.

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