05/23/2014 07:49 EDT | Updated 05/23/2014 07:59 EDT

10 Graduation Trips That'll Teach You More Than School Ever Could

best graduation trip ideas

You did it! You've graduated from school and you’ve got a pretty little piece of paper to show for your years of all-nighters, 4 a.m. coffee runs and countless stress-induced breakdowns. You’ve been waiting to walk across that stage in your cap and gown for approximately 17 years and now that it is here – you are terrified.

What in the world are you supposed to do with your days now that you are no longer in school? School is all you’ve known and now you’re faced with the unfriendly task of finding a job and becoming a self-sufficient adult. Suddenly this whole graduating thing doesn’t seem so exciting.

So you do what so many have done before you – you plan a graduation trip to reward yourself for your academic successes and prolong your entrance into the “real world”.

The graduation trip has taken many forms from seven-day beach vacations of margaritas, naps on the beach and little else in Cuba or Cancun, to weekend trips full of gambling, nightclubs and intoxication in Las Vegas.

But why not choose a destination with a little more to offer, something that pays tribute to all those years of textbook readings and class presentations?

Here's 10 destinations for your grad trip to show you what those textbooks were talking about. Whether it’s World War II history or ruins of ancient civilizations, travel to where it all really happened and learn a whole lot more than those textbooks could ever teach you.

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