05/23/2014 13:10 EDT | Updated 07/23/2014 01:59 EDT

Helene Bouchard, CFB Edmonton Nurse, Admits Selling Steroids To Soldiers

EDMONTON - A nurse has admitted she sold steroids to soldiers at a military base in Edmonton.

Helene Bouchard, who is 49, is to be sentenced June 6 after pleading guilty to trafficking and exporting a controlled substance.

Bouchard, a former bodybuilder, was arrested last fall after selling illegal steroids to an undercover military police investigator.

She told court she allowed her post-traumatic stress disorder from a military tour in Rwanda to cloud her judgment.

Bouchard spent 16 years in the military and retired as a captain 10 years ago.

She became a registered nurse and eventually got a job at CFB Edmonton as a civilian.