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It Doesn't Get Any Eerier At Peterborough's Abandoned Mustang Drive-In

Well, consider us sufficiently creeped out.

What you're looking at is the remnants of the abandoned Mustang Drive-In in Peterborough, Ont. The drive-in is one of seven that's closed in Ontario over the years due to an industry shift of digitally distributing movies. The change's left many old-school theatres to either make costly upgrades or go out of business.

You can then probably guess what happened to the Mustang.

The area's now become a playground for urban explorers and photographers, like Jay Callaghan, who snapped some photos last week.

The theatre was one of the province's largest, with a 6050 square-foot screen, before shuttering in the fall of 2012. The last owner of the Mustang was Gerry Parente, a man with a passion for films and grew up on drive-in movies as a kid, according to the Peterborough Examiner.

"Look — these parents don't have to pay a babysitter. And bring your dog — don't leave him at home. This is family time. Where can you get this dollar value?" Parente told the paper.

But while the Mustang could accommodate up to 500 cars, there were days where there'd be a few as four cars. Still, that didn't seem to bother Parente so long as people kept coming for the films.

"It's OK — I bite the bullet and start the projector," he said. "And I'm here for four hours. I do it because it's a passion for me."

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