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10 Signs You Need To Quit Your Job

If the words "hate," "quit" and "FML" go hand-in-hand with your current job, it may be time to start looking for something new.

Going to work shouldn't feel like a chore, so if you ever find yourself questioning your position or the company you work for, it could be time to rework the resume and restart your job hunt, says Peter Harris, chief editor of

Roughly six in 10 highly stressed workers identified work as their main source of stress, according to an April report by Statistics Canada. Work beat out the stresses of relationships, health and other generalized worries. Harris adds Canadian workers are also stressed about the uncertainty and current economy of the country's job market.

"This leads to other stress factors such as having enough time in the day, time with family, and maintaining work/life balance," says Harris.

Harris adds there is no "right" amount of time to stay at a company. While some people switch every couple of years, others can stay for over 20 to 30 years. "As long as you enjoy your work, are fairly compensated, and are able to progress in your career and acquire new skills, you should stay."

According to a survey, 37 per cent of respondents left their jobs because of their relationship with their boss, while 29 per cent said they were bored or disliked the work.

But constantly job hopping or leaving every time you get into an altercation with your boss isn't healthy either. Harris says the downside of regularly switching jobs leads to very little career advancement, and can reflect negatively on your abilities.

If you're unsure when to leave or if your current job is the right fit for you, here are Harris's top signs to watch out for:

10 Signs You Should Leave Your Job

The Company Seems To Be In Financial Trouble

Peter Harris, chief editor of, says you can't have a stable career at a company that isn't stable itself. "If there are frequent restructurings, raises and bonuses have been cancelled and projects postponed, it could indicate that your employer is struggling." If you sense your company is in financial turmoil, move quickly to seek new employment.

Your Boss Is The Worst

If your boss is unsupportive, demeaning and verbally abusive, you will never be happy with your job. Not only does this take a jab at your success, but bad bosses can also take a toll on your health, Harris says. "Obviously you should try to repair working relationships if you can, but sometimes there's simply no option but to cut your losses and move on."

You're Only Interested In The Dollar Dollar Bills

If you think about quitting every single day and the only thing keeping you there is the money, it's time to quit. "We all have bills to pay and responsibilities to meet, but if that is the only thing that motivates you to show up to work, you should be actively looking for something more fulfilling or enjoyable," Harris says.

You Actually Hate The Work Itself

If the stuff you're being paid to do is uncomfortable, boring or distasteful, it may be time to look for something else. Often, the best way to excel at something is to go in with a positive attitude, Harris says. But if you're tied down to the same-old workflow, you could end up hating your job even more.

You Dread The Idea Of Waking Up And Going To Work

We may not all be morning people, but we should be somewhat excited about spending eight to 10 hours at work. "Having it weigh on you that much means that you can’t even enjoy your time off because of the looming return to work," Harris says. Harris says being unhappy about going to work all the time can also lead to depression, substance abuse, stress-related illnesses and other health consequences that are just not worth it.

Your Team Is Out To Get You (Or You Think They Are Anyways)

If your manager or someone at a senior level is trying to replace your role (or you), you may feel like your co-workers are working against you. If you're paranoid about your co-workers (you shouldn't ever have to be), Harris says you should watch out for these signs: see if people are take credit for your work, blame you for setbacks at the office, talk behind your back about feedback or routinely passive-aggressively put you down.

You Don't Fit In Either

All offices, big or small, also have an employee culture. Whether your office is quiet or loud and obnoxious, sometimes, not all of us fit in. Harris says employees also tend to form cliques at work, so if you feel like you're in high school all over again, it may be time to find something new.

The Rest Of Your Life Isn't That Great

Because we spend most of the day at work, thinking about work or doing some type of work-related task, it can also affect our personal lives. If you're not feeling satisfaction in what you do along with your lifestyle, it may be time to look for something new. Also, if you find yourself constantly complaining about work to your partner, it may also be time to go.

You're Not Growing At Your Job

When the position you are in is a dead-end, you’re probably in the wrong job. "The trouble with dead ends is that even if it seems safe where you are currently – everything changes," Harris says. And if you haven't been learning along the way, your skill set may eventually become outdated and less valuable on the market.

You've Got Another Offer

The best reason to leave your job is when it's a strategic move that advances your career, Harris says. So whether this means more responsibility, a change in location or even a smaller salary at times, it could be a good indicator to try something new.

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