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Scott Vrooman Surprised His Colbert-esque Performance Went Unchallenged (VIDEO)

It’s always been Scott Vrooman’s dream to write for The Colbert Report, so what’s a comedian to do when given the chance to appear on Canada’s right-wing news station, Sun News?

Vrooman became somewhat of a viral star when he adopted an extreme right-wing character, not unlike Stephen Colbert's, while appearing as a guest on Sun News to discuss the public funding of the CBC.

“I adopted a character that was extremely right-wing and takes everything to the furthest extent, just for fun. It was amazing to me some of it wasn’t called out or picked up on,” said Vrooman in an interview from his Los Angeles home. “I just took it as far as I could, trying to be as provocative as I could be.”

The impetus for the appearance seemed to be an article he wrote in 2011 on funding the CBC for the politics web site iPolitics. However, it appears Sun News producers failed to pick up on the comedian’s sharp wit that was evident throughout the article.

Vroomam first broke out his extreme right-wing character on air while working for CBC’s This Hour Has 22 Minutes in the past. Since moving to Los Angeles in 2013, the comedian has written and produced videos for The Conan O’Brien Show. He is a 2014 winner of a Canadian Screen Award for best writing in a variety or sketch comedy series.

Watch the full interview above

Vrooman's Sun News appearance is below.

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