05/27/2014 08:10 EDT | Updated 07/27/2014 05:59 EDT

Alberta court strikes down injunction that kept prosecutors off disclosure list

EDMONTON - The Alberta Court of Appeal has dissolved a court injunction the prevented the province from releasing the names and salaries of its Crown prosecutors.

The provincial government appealed an earlier judge's order that limited the disclosure list.

A lawyer for a prosecutor who didn't want to be on the list had argued that releasing the information could put people in the profession at risk.

Government spokeswoman Kathleen Range says prosecutors will be given time to apply for an exemption before their information is published.

The case first went to court before former premier Alison Redford's government put online the names and salaries of government employees making $100,000 a year or more.

Redford promised the move after her office was criticized for refusing an order to disclose the severance paid to her former chief of staff.

Stephen Carter later announced on Twitter that he received $130,000 after being on the job for six months.

The province argued in court that the names and salary ranges of prosecutors are already available on the Internet and that other provinces including British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Ontario already publish lists that include prosecutors.

Alberta's list, absent of prosecutors, revealed that 3,100 government employees made more than $100,000 last year.

Redford resigned in March in a scandal over her harsh leadership style and lavish spending.