05/27/2014 08:33 EDT | Updated 05/28/2014 01:59 EDT

Fire Turns Iqaluit Dump Into Smouldering Volcano (PHOTOS, TWEETS)

A fire burning at Iqaluit's dump has become a smouldering, volcano-like mass that will not be put out by the city's fire department.

City council has voted to let the fire, which ignited on May 20, burn out on its own after firefighters said attacking it with water would create too much runoff, CBC News reported.

The fire department, which has restricted the fire to a specific area, found that it reaches as deep as three metres below the surface and is simply too big to control, said Nunatsiaq News.

"Basically it’s going to burn itself out," fire chief Luc Grandmaison said. Flames that were visible when the fire started last week had abated by May 23, leaving it in a "smouldering stage," he added.

Check out some images of the Iqaluit dump fire that were captured by photographer Frank Reardon:

Photo gallery Iqaluit Fire Turns Dump Into Smouldering Volcano See Gallery

But the fire's softening intensity hasn't halted tweets from a satirical Twitter account called "Iqaluit #Dumpcano," nor has it stopped some spectacular photos of the burning mass from being posted to social media.

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