05/27/2014 03:57 EDT | Updated 07/27/2014 05:59 EDT

Man who brutally beat Edmonton transit bus driver loses appeal

EDMONTON - A man who beat an Edmonton transit bus driver so badly that he suffered brain injuries has lost an appeal of a dangerous offender designation that keeps him in prison indefinitely.

Gary Mattson pleaded guilty to aggravated assault in the attack on Thom Bregg in December 2009 over a fare dispute.

An intoxicated Mattson punched Bregg in the face, then pulled him from the bus and stomped on him more than a dozen times.

The bus driver spent two weeks in intensive care and was left disfigured and blind in one eye.

Mattson wanted the Alberta Court of Appeal to overturn the dangerous offender designation, but the judges refused.

They said it would appear Mattson needs ongoing treatment while remaining behind bars.

“If anything, it would seem that whatever progress the appellant has made during his incarceration has validated the recommendation that he requires intensive, very long-term programming in a secure setting,” their ruling said.

Mattson, a troubled man with a history of violence, did express some remorse at one point. But he also said of his victim: “Maybe he’ll learn to drive a bus with one eye, get his 25 years … and get a plaque or something. ”

(CHED, The Canadian Press)