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Rob Ford Will Be Back To Work In 4 Or 5 Weeks, Doug Ford Says

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TORONTO, ON - NOVEMBER 26 - Mayor Rob Ford and councillor Doug Ford chat during the City budget meeting at City Hall. November 26, 2013. (Bernard Weil/Toronto Star via Getty Images)

Rob Ford will be back in the Toronto mayor's chair in four or five weeks, according to his brother, Coun. Doug Ford.

The mayor has been a patient at the GreeneStone rehabilitation centre in Bala, Ont., for alcohol-related treatment since early May. He went for treatment after it emerged he had been drinking in bars and allegedly smoking crack in his sister's basement.

Coun. Ford visited the mayor on Sunday, and said the signs are good his brother can return to work in a few weeks.

"He's looking fabulous. He's lost quite a bit of weight, says he's feeling healthier than he ever has. So he's looking good," said Coun. Ford on Tuesday. "I can't wait to have him back, and get into the race and game on."

Coun. Ford said he cannot shed any light on the mystery surrounding the mayor's Cadillac Escalade, which was impounded after a woman was allegedly caught driving it under the influence. It now sits in an impound lot, and for reasons unknown has had its licence plates removed.

"Rob is the type of guy that gives his shirt off his back to anyone, and tries to help people out," is how Doug Ford explained how Lee Anne McRobb, a 36-year-old Muskoka-area woman arrested for drunk driving, ended up behind the wheel of Ford's vehicle.

'When Rob gets back, game on'

He also said he doesn't care who removed the licence plates from the Escalade, as long as they are returned.

The impounded car will be picked up Tuesday in cottage country.

Coun. Ford also expressed disbelief in the media coverage of his brother.

"You have got to be kidding me," he said of media helicopters flying over the Muskoka region seeking out the mayor.

But Doug Ford promised that all the media attention on GreeneStone and the area surrounding it would end soon.

"I’m confident that Rob's going to be healthy. He's going to come out a new man. He's going to look at all the mistakes he's done in the past and move forward in a positive fashion."

Coun. Ford added that his brother cannot come back too soon, as the city is spending large amounts of money without any supervision.

"They're spending like crazy," he said of his colleagues at City Hall. "We need Rob Ford back here to keep an eye on things."

He also said the race for this October's mayor election is missing Ford as well.

"It's a dismal debate with dismal candidates, as far as I'm concerned," Ford says. "When Rob gets back, game on."

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