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Where To Watch The World Cup Around The World

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World Cup fans looking for a festive pub or piazza to cheer on their favorite team may want to consult Pinterest, which has teamed up with TripAdvisor to chart the best places around the world to watch the games this summer.

So far, Pinterest boards for 13 countries, including the USA, France, Japan, Brazil and South Korea, have been created, curating the top sports bars and pubs as recommended by TripAdvisor users on travel forums and reviews.

According to the Pinterest map, Spanish fans in New York City, for example, may want to head to Boqueria, where they’ll find big screen TVs, “die-hard Spain fans,” tapas, beer and sangria.

Fans in Los Angeles, meanwhile, may want to head to Tom’s Urban where flat-screen TVs are plastered across their walls to offer even the shortest fan an unobstructed view of the action.

“Lots of TVs visible from every seat in the house, great shareable food, and big drinks, including a 33 oz chilled stein full of cold beer, perfect for watching a game with!” wrote one fan.

And fans who may be visiting Paris during the games can also cheer for their home team at popular pubs such as Kitty O'Shea, The Cork and Cavan Pub, and at Hotel de Ville, the city's town hall, where the city will set up large outdoor screens for the public.

Fans can also add more venues to the boards at

Check out the list of national Pinterest boards at

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