05/28/2014 07:14 EDT | Updated 07/28/2014 05:59 EDT

3-year-old girl left with 2nd-degree burns from fire coals on Kew Beach

A careless act has left a little girl with second-degree burns on her feet and will limit her mobility for weeks.

Chad Danyluck told CBC News that his three-year-old daughter recently stepped on charcoal that someone had tossed in the sand at Kew Beach.

She screamed out and asked her dad what was happening.

Hearing his little one in such distress was a "heartbreaking" moment, he said.

The youngster would end up being treated by paramedics.

Now her parents continue the treatment, but their daughter has to be off her feet for four weeks.

"She can only sit or she can lie and I’m hoping that one day, as the days progress, she’ll feel confident to crawl or to stand on her knees," her mother, Yvonne Danyluck said.

"But at the moment, the blister is the size of a tennis ball on one foot."

The Danylucks say they often see beach barbecues. But they never expected to find charcoal by the water's edge.

In any case, the local councillor says that charcoal and wood fires are not allowed at the beach.

"If you want a barbecue in the beach in Ward 32, you need a permit and you bring your propane barbecue," Coun. Mary-Margaret McMahon told CBC News in an interview.

McMahon said signs will go up in the next couple of days and bylaw officers have been out in response to the Danylucks' story.

The fine for any fire on the beach is between $200 and $500.