05/28/2014 05:49 EDT | Updated 08/28/2014 11:59 EDT

80s Pop Stars: Where Are They Now?


Canadian '80s pop star Corey Hart has announced that he is throwing his sunglasses on at night one last time on June 3 in Montreal. The Bell Centre concert was supposed to mark his 52nd birthday on May 31, but was pushed back because, well, the Habs never surrender.

The news of Hart's retirement may surprise a lot of you who may have thought he quit a long time ago. There's a good chance that at some point a Corey Hart song came on while grocery shopping or flipping car radio stations and you wondered whatever happened to that guy. Maybe that same thought has occurred about his fellow '80s pop stars like Rick Astley, Billy Idol or Tiffany.

Corey Hart's final show made us think those thoughts, too, so we dug around to find out exactly where 25 of his fellow '80s pop stars are now.

Pop Stars of the '80s: Where Are They Now?