05/28/2014 02:48 EDT | Updated 07/28/2014 05:59 EDT

Corey Hart postpones farewell concert for Habs playoffs

Last night’s Habs victory was bittersweet for Montreal-born '80s idol, Corey Hart.

It meant he had to postpone his farewell show at the Bell Centre due to the possibility of an Eastern Conference final game 7 on the same date.

“I didn’t sleep last night … It’s been a really rough 24-48 hours for me and I’m quite gutted right now,” Hart told Jian Ghomeshi, host of CBC Radio's Q.

“Due to the circumstances with the hockey series, we needed to make a decision.”

Hart said he had been planning the Saturday, May 31, concert for nearly a year. It's was to be a special date for him because not only was it to be his last performance — it’s also his 52nd birthday.   

“We just kept our fingers crossed and hoped that the gods would keep May 31 clean for me," said Hart.

After the Canadiens beat the New York Rangers 7-4 last night, Hart moved his show date to Tuesday, June 3. 

The Habs still need another win if they want to be back at the Bell Centre for Game 7.

Never surrender 

The Sunglasses at Night singer says he will perform at least 38 songs spanning his 30-year career.

"I normally give everything in my heart. I'm going to give absolutely everything, I'm going to bleed out there, and bleed in a good way," said Hart.

Though Hart could have waited for the result of tomorrow’s game in New York, he said that because fans would be flying in from around the world for his show, he wanted to give as much notice as possible.  

“It was a very tough decision, but I had to make the decision that at least we give everyone seven days notice,” said Hart.

“I’m really gutted because I respect my fans, I care about my fans.”

Hart says he still hopes the Canadiens keep on winning.

"Obviously I’ve been a Habs fan my whole life," he said.