05/28/2014 04:01 EDT | Updated 07/28/2014 05:59 EDT

Dionne quintuplets' birth marked 80 years later

The Dionne quintuplets, the first quints believed to have survived past infancy, were born 80 years ago Wednesday.

Annette, Cécile, Yvonne, Marie and Émilie Dionne were born on May 28, 1934, near the village of Corbeil, not far from North Bay, Ont.

They were taken from their parents and made wards of the state while still infants. They lived in a hospital that was open to tourists and known as "Quintland" until they were nine.

The sisters were returned to their parents after a prolonged legal battle. Promises of financial restitution went unfulfilled.

The Ontario government formally apologized to the sisters for its role in their removal from their family in 1998.

Of the quintuplets, only two — Annette and Cécile — are still living.

Watch footage from the quintuplets' lives in the player above.