05/29/2014 02:04 EDT | Updated 05/29/2014 02:59 EDT

This Video Of 3 Guys Irish Dancing Around The World Will Send You Into A Jig

When you want to let locals know there's a Canadian in their presence, you usually just flash the Canadian flag patched on your bag.

When Iain McNamara, Chris McGrath and Kevin Cobbe want to let locals know there's a bunch of Irishmen in the area, they dance — Irish dancing — if you want to get into specifics and turn it into a music video.

Set to the 1994 score of Riverdance by Bill Whelan, the group's efforts have caught the attention of viewers on their YouTube page, racking up over 186,500 views in just two days.

The video is the product of the trio's decision to quit their jobs in 2013 and spend their time travelling the world, all while acting as pseudo ambassadors for the Emerald Isle, the Independent reports.

Armed with a tripod, a dodgy camera and no actual Irish dancing training, the group set out on a one-year itinerary to help "instil Irishness abroad, according to their Facebook page. The three also set up a website, The Wirld, to document their adventures and encourage young travellers to come to Ireland for a visit.

Given sheer number of people they've probably encountered in the 22 countries they've visited, it's safe to say the world's a little bit more Irish, whether you're in Quito, Ecuador or Bangkok Thailand.

You can watch the video above in full to see the other countries McNamara, McGrath and Cobbe visited.

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