05/29/2014 07:13 EDT | Updated 07/29/2014 05:59 EDT

Mulcair: NDP Will Return To Power In Saskatchewan One Day

SASKATOON - Saskatchewan NDP Leader Cam Broten is getting a boost from his federal counterpart ahead of the provincial party's convention this weekend.

Federal NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair says, while the party has challenges in the province, he has faith that Broten — currently leader of the Official Opposition — can lead it back to power.

The New Democrats trace their roots back to Saskatchewan and last governed provincially from 1991 to 2007.

Federally, however, the NDP has not held any seats in the province since 2004.

The provincial wing of the party will meet in Moose Jaw this weekend.

Mulcair is to address delegates on Friday.

"We know that we've got a lot of challenges before us in the province," Mulcair told reporters in Saskatoon on Thursday.

"But you know what? I think Cam is a tremendous young leader and he is showing great promise. And I have every hope for him forming an NDP government as we have done so successfully in the past."

Mulcair said a redrawing of Saskatchewan’s federal electoral boundaries will bring back balance to the next election.

He said it is not normal for the federal NDP to garner 32.3 per cent of the vote in Saskatchewan, of the 63.1 per cent of the population that voted in 2011, but have no seats. (CJWW, CJME)

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