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Alberta Wildlife Captured By Waterton Lakes Remote Cameras (PHOTOS)

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A trip to one of Alberta's national parks is often an opportunity to see wildlife, but it's never a guarantee.

The animals can be elusive, and are often scared of or too timid to come near the roads and highways where a wildlife encounter with humans would be most likely.

Luckily, remote wilderness cameras set up in Banff, Waterton Lakes, and Jasper National Parks can give a glimpse of the animals we may never see with our own eyes.

Specially designed cameras are placed in strategic locations around the park, essentially allowing animals to take their own pictures by triggering a sensor as they move.

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Not only do these cameras provide us with rather remarkable photos of Alberta wildlife, but parks researchers and scientists can also use the equipment to track and monitor wildlife populations. By studying the photos, they can tell the number of animals in a particular area and gain an understanding of their travel patterns.

The team at Waterton Lakes National Park has been cataloging these photos for several years and the results are incredible:

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