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Prince Felipe Has A Special Place In His Heart For Canada

Pablo Cuadra via Getty Images
TOLEDO, SPAIN - MAY 22: Princess Letizia of Spain and Prince Felipe of Spain celebrate their 10th Wedding Anniversary visiting 'El Greco' exhibition at the 'Santa Cruz' museum on May 22, 2014 in Toledo, Spain. (Photo by Pablo Cuadra/WireImage)

Canada has many connections to European royalty, and now can lay claim to having helped educate the future king of Spain.

King Juan Carlos of Spain, 76, has decided to abdicate in favour of his son, Prince Felipe, 46, reported the Telegraph on Monday. It is not yet known when the transition will occur.

The prince, whose title is Prince of Asturias, has been married to Princess Letizia (née Ortiz) for 10 years, and the couple has two daughters, Leonor, 8 and Sofia, 7.

He also an extensive North American education, which some Spanish citizens feel has given him an "Anglo-Saxon" personality.

The prince attended Ontario's Lakefield College School for one year, from 1984-85, and in translated letters written by the King to his son during this time, he seemed to view the time as an opportunity to form his child's character.

"Those whom God has chosen to be kings and to be at the head of the destiny of a country do not have any other choice than to start to understand the importance and the special characteristics of the position, because one can say that they start to become adults long before other boys of their age," reads the King's first letter, according to the Telegraph.

Other notable alumni who attended Lakefield include Prince Andrew, Duke of York (who remains a patron), former Toronto mayor David Miller and actor Will Arnett.

Prince Felipe also attended schools in Washington and Madrid.

The prince enjoys strong popularity in Spain, and the royal family hopes his ownership of the throne will help repair the family's reputation, which has been tarnished by scandal in recent years, reports NDTV.

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