06/02/2014 07:37 EDT | Updated 06/03/2014 08:59 EDT

Ross Langill, World Shin-Kicking Champion, Is From Vancouver (VIDEO)

Vancouver can't seem to bring home a Stanley Cup, but when it comes to the brutal sport of shin-kicking, the West Coast tops them all.

Resident Ross Langill, 24, was crowned world champion of the sport at the Cotswold Olimpicks in Chipping Camden, England on Friday, after outlasting two-time winner Zac Warren.

Langill, who wore a Henrik Sedin jersey for the bout, stuffed his pants with hay for padding but still had a tough time in the competition, Ukraine News One reported.

"The hay really protects the shins, but it's really the feet that takes all the brunt," he told the outlet.

The sport, which dates back 400 years, literally involves participants kicking each other's shins as they try to throw opponents to the ground.

It used to be even more brutal. In the 1800s, competitors capped their boots capped with metal, though the practice has since been banned, said the Cotswold Olimpicks website.

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