06/03/2014 12:05 EDT | Updated 06/04/2014 10:59 EDT

'A Massive Hole ... On An Island ... In A Lake.' Welcome To The Diavik Diamond Mine

This unnatural Canadian wonder looks like something straight out of a science fiction novel.

It's the Diavik Diamond Mine in the Northwest Territories, about 300 km north of Yellowknife and just 220 km south of the Arctic Circle. The massive mine is situated in Lac de Gras and is accessible by ice road for roughly two months each year.

In the dead of winter, the mine doesn't look like it's on an island. It looks like it's in the middle of an endless white desert. Basically it looks like it's on the ice planet Hoth from "The Empire Strikes Back."

To get a sense of scale, here's what a truck looks like inside one of those holes.

The holes won't be getting any bigger though. As of 2012, all mining at Diavik now takes place underground.

The world really is a crazy place.

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