06/03/2014 05:30 EDT | Updated 03/24/2015 10:59 EDT

Tall Women Know These Things, And You Do Not

tall women

When you're living life at the extreme end of the height spectrum, certain issues the average person might never expect present themselves regularly.

We've already covered the truth about life as only short girls know it, and now it's time to look elsewhere — or more specifically, look up.

Tall girls are a particular breed, part supermodel, part awkward giraffe ... and don't even get us started on how tough it is to date. We pulled together some of the joys and sorrows that are daily encounters for the vertically blessed among us. Any of these ring true for you?

Our short friends always ask us to get stuff off top shelves

But we can help the old lady in the grocery store who can't reach the peanut butter

We never have to worry about finding a good spot on the floor at a concert

But don’t piss us off … we will stand in front of you

When we wear heels, we feel like Amazon women ... fierce

Finding pants that don't look like we accidentally shrunk them in the wash is a miracle

Pants that allow you to roll up the ankle cuffs are A GODSEND AND ALSO VERY RARE

We may as well wear a sign that reads 'I am 5'11"' for all the times we get asked our height

And people who say, "oh, wow, you're so tall!" Really? I hadn't a clue

Tall men make you weak

So when we see a 5'0" girl dating a 6'2" guy, we WANT TO KILL HER

And of course, dating guys shorter than you is still not entirely socially acceptable...

We were always at the bottom of human pyramids

Mini skirts and short shorts were simply made for our legs

We really do have to lean over to talk to most of our friends

We will never be called cute

We got mistaken for teachers in high school (but didn't mind the sense of authority)

Standing in the back of any group picture... with the guys... does not make us feel special

People automatically assume we're excellent volleyball and basketball players. Even if we suck

We spent our youth trying to hunch down, only to have poor posture later on

All shoes look like clown shoes, even ballet flats

We can hide weight gain better

We are always the first to spot bald spots/bad roots/dust

People treat us like oddities. Especially for girls over 6 feet

But your friends never, ever have a problem finding you in the crowd