06/04/2014 05:28 EDT | Updated 06/16/2017 00:59 EDT

B.C. Parents Ignore Health Canada, Treat Epileptic Toddler With Marijuana Oil

When you're a parent, you'd do anything for your child — even if it means ignoring the law. A Summerland, B.C. couple has done just that to get their epileptic daughter the help she needs.

Two-year-old Kyla Williams was diagnosed with retractable seizure disorder when she was six months old. Prescriptions weren't working, and she was averaging 100 seizures a day.

She's being treated with a marijuana oil that's known to help kids with similar problems in the U.S. The problem? It's illegal in Canada. So her family has had to bypass federal red tape to help Kyla.

"The first product we got, we had to meet somebody in a parking lot," Kyla's grandmother Elaine Nuessler told CTV News.

Canada's medical marijuana laws only allow for dried versions of the drug to be prescribed, but the kind that would help Kyla is an oil. It contains very little THC (responsible for the "high" that recreational users enjoy), and is mostly made up of CBD, which limits the severity and frequency of seizures.

“Within 20 minutes of administering it the first time, she stopped her seizures completely," Nuessler told The Globe And Mail. The newspaper says there's a "lack of legal clarity" over what Kyla's family is doing.

Elaine's husband Chris is a retired RCMP officer. Kyla's plight has totally changed his views on marijuana, he told

Kyla has not had a seizure in three weeks, CTV reports.

With files from The Canadian Press

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