06/04/2014 12:49 EDT | Updated 06/16/2017 00:58 EDT

Simpsonized NHL Logos Are Cromulently Funny (PHOTOS)

You don't often see two of the best things in the world fuse so seamlessly, but that's precisely what a Toronto-based artist has done with hockey and "The Simpsons."

Designer Mark Avery-Kenny at AK47 Studios has just released the "NHL x Simpsons" series, which combines team logos with characters from the longest-running American prime time series of all time.

While all the logos look fantastic, none work better than Avery-Kenny's take on the Philadelphia Flyers, which combines the Broad Street Bullies with Springfield's biggest punks, Kearney, Jimbo and Dolph.

This isn't the first time that Avery-Kenny has combined pop cultural references with sports team logos. Last month, he revealed a series of images that brought video game characters together with NBA teams.

Check out the Simpsonized versions of NHL team logos by AK47 Studios:

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