06/04/2014 04:27 EDT | Updated 06/16/2017 00:59 EDT

The 15 Worst Things About Wearing Shorts In The Summer

Yes, we're glad that spring weather is finally here and that summer is on the horizon. We're glad because we can finally ditch our awkward spring-summer transition clothes and slip into something a bit more comfortable: namely, maxi dresses and shorts.

The great thing about shorts? They're cute, comfy and perfect for activities such as lounging at the cottage/beach/campsite. (They also come in silk form.)

But with positives come the negatives and unfortunately for the short, there are many of the latter.

Read on to see the 15 worst things about wearing shorts in the summer:

1. Short shorts

We see more cheek than we want to.

white shorts

2. Booty shorts

Sometimes we don't want to see all that butt in the morning, ok?

booty shorts

3. Wedgies

tugging on shorts

4. Sand in shorts

kristin wiig

5. Jean shorts

You'll heat up fast.

sand in shorts

6. Cargo shorts

Not even David Beckham can make them look good.

david beckham

7. Camouflage shorts

Becks can't make these look good either.

camouflage shorts david beckham

8. Shopping for shorts

It's horrible.


9. Soggy, wet shorts

little mermaid

10. Splinters on your legs

They hurt like a mother!

sad pug

11. Sunburn

leg sunburn

12. Worrying about silly "thigh gap"

Note: it doesn't matter, you're beautiful.

thigh gap

13. Constantly tugging them down

tugging on shorts

14. White shorts

Hello, grass stains/ketchup stains/red wine stains!

stain on white shorts

15. Mosquito bites

mosquito bite on legs