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Norm Macdonald's #PrayForMoncton Story Is Touching, So Very Canadian

Last night, residents of Moncton, New Brunswick, took shelter as police went on a manhunt for a shooter with a rifle who killed three police officers.

Canadians from across the country flooded social media with messages tagged #PrayForMoncton.

Comedian Norm Macdonald, who spent time in the New Brunswick city in his youth, was one of those Canadians who reached out to friends and family there.

Macdonald took to Twitter and recounted his phone call with Phil Robinson, a friend who showed him around Moncton when he was working in a lumber camp years ago.

Robinson and his wife were safe in their basement, but the conversation, like every good Canadian conversation, quickly turned to the Stanley Cup Final game between the New York Rangers and the LA Kings.

Soon after Phil went upstairs and decided to watch the game on his big screen TV. We can't really think of a more Canadian sentence than this.

Read the whole conversation. In one of his posts, Macdonald tweets "resurgo" — the official motto of the city of Moncton, which means "I rise again" in Latin.

Stay safe Phil, and stay safe Moncton. Resurgo.

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