06/04/2014 07:25 EDT | Updated 06/16/2017 00:59 EDT

Slave Lake Parrot Stolen, Mutilated

silviomedeiros via Getty Images

SLAVE LAKE, Alta. - Alberta Mounties say charges are pending against a 15-year-old boy involving the death of a parrot.

Sgt. Chris Murphy says a couple in the town of Slave Lake, northwest of Edmonton, reported on Monday their pet parrot had been stolen from their backyard.

Murphy says the bird’s owner came across its mutilated body on Tuesday.

An online campaign called "Justice for Ozzi" has been set up.

Murphy hopes the community will let the courts and RCMP deal with the incident.

The boy has been released from custody into the care of his parents.

“It is definitely shocking, that is very clear from the response from several community members,” Murphy said. “It has caused a lot of alarm and concern with several local residents.”

RCMP are taking this incident very seriously, the officer said.

“It is a situation in a small community with a lot of people knowing other people and we just ask that people don’t take matters into their own hands.”

The couple got the bird ten years ago and taught it to speak English and Arabic.