06/05/2014 05:26 EDT | Updated 06/16/2017 01:02 EDT

Wedding Gift Ideas: 33 Presents You'll Want Yourself

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If the bride and groom haven't set up a registry or emphasized the idea of cash-only gifts, finding the perfect wedding present comes down to how the couple functions together.

Sure, we all need things like pillows and sheets (these are classic wedding gifts), but narrowing down the couple's personalities or hobbies can help you find something they'll both enjoy. Are they wine collectors? Then get them a new glass set or rack. Do they have an appreciation for the arts? Maybe a fancy new painting or a piece of trendy furniture will do the trick.

If you're not too close with the couple, you can also buy something they can use in their home, like dinnerware or linens.

And of course, don't forget to include a gift receipt.

We've rounded up our favourite gifts you can buy yourself or split with friends. Most are near the $100 mark and all of them also make great housewarming presents.

Here are 33 wedding gifts for all kinds of brides and grooms.

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