These Creepy Tinder Pickup Lines Will Leaving You Cringing (VIDEO)

The earlier days of online dating used to be a lot like joining Facebook. You'd have to set up a profile, find a flattering photo, enter (or lie) your personal information and then reach out to people in hopes of making a connection.

But these days, many dating websites have a mobile app so you can find love while waiting for coffee or while you're sitting on the toilet. And if there isn't a mobile version, standalone apps like Tinder offer the same functionality but in a faster (read: more addictive) format.

For the unfamiliar, Tinder shows nearby matches based on your phone's GPS. Once you see a photo, you can swipe right if you think the person is hot or swipe left if you think they're not. If two users both swipe right on each other's picture, you can start messaging each other.

While the app offers a simple way to meet people, it doesn't mean you're bound to find someone with similar objectives. Some might be looking for a relationship, others to flirt and many for straight-up sex.

How can you tell? Well, if the person on the other end sends a pickup line like the ones in the video above, it's safe to say they've only got one thing on their minds.

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