06/06/2014 08:21 EDT | Updated 06/16/2017 01:05 EDT

Gilberte Bussière, Kidnapped In Africa, Returns To Canada

After being held captive in Africa for nearly two months, Sister GilberteBussière arrived in Canada today at Montreal’s Trudeau International Airport.

“Sister Gilberte is in good health and very happy to be reunited with her loved ones,” said a statement from the Congregation of Notre-Dame.

Bussière, 74, and two Italian priests were kidnapped in early April in Cameroon by suspected Boko Haram gunmen.

The three were released on June 1.

Bussière​ began her first mission in Cameroon in 1979 and has worked there ever since.

She was director of a school in Douvangar, Cameroon, and was working as a consultant for the school at the time of her kidnapping.

The priests, Giampaolo Marta and Gianantonio Allegri, had been working on improving water supplies and fighting the spread of HIV/AIDS.

The Congregation of Notre-Dame said now that Bussière is back in Quebec she will spend time with loved ones.

“We ask that you respect her and her family’s privacy in celebrating their joyful reunion,” the statement said.

“The sisters …would like to thank all of those involved in having Sister Gilberte freed and returned home safely. Our thoughts and prayers remain with all of those all over the world who are still being held captive and their families.”