06/06/2014 04:31 EDT | Updated 06/16/2017 01:04 EDT

Justin Bourque Charged With First-Degree Murder In Moncton Shootings

MONCTON, N.B. -- A man suspected of fatally shooting three New Brunswick Mounties and wounding two others in Moncton appeared Friday in provincial court.

Justin Bourque is facing three charges of first-degree murder and two charges of attempted murder.

Bourque was arrested shortly after midnight today inside a police perimeter in the city after one of the worst mass shootings in the RCMP's history.

He appeared in court, packed with about 70 people, under heavy guard.

Bourque was remanded to appear in court July 3 after the Crown and defence asked for a month to prepare.

His appearance lasted about five minutes and Bourque did not speak or show any emotion, staring forward at the judge while he was in court.

A tactical officer armed with an automatic rifle stood at the back of the courtroom.

The RCMP say the 24-year-old Moncton man was unarmed at the time of his arrest and taken into custody without incident.

A nerve-racking manhunt for him lasted nearly 30 hours.

Supt. Marlene Snowman says weapons were found near the wooded residential area where Bourque was taken into custody.