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Tim Hortons Calories: Which Of The Chain's Doughnuts Are Worst For You?

Chocolate glaze lovers, we're sorry.

It might be International Donut Day today, but let's be honest — we pretty much celebrate that in Canada every day with Tim Hortons. The ever-popular Canadian chain is the one place you know will always have a line, and also taste the same across the country (there's a reason we all grinned in recognition at those road trip ads).

So in honour of the occasion, we thought we'd take a look at the best and the worst doughnuts at Tim Hortons, according to their nutritional value. Now, we're not kidding ourselves into believing there's anything healthy about eating doughnuts at all, but at least this way, we'll know when it's time to have a Honey Dip Donut, or when it's time to indulge and have an Apple Fritter one.

Take a look at our list (which goes from most "healthy" to least) and let us know (and we really do want to know) — what's your favourite doughnut from Timmies?

Tim Hortons' Doughnut Calories, From Least To Most

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