06/08/2014 10:15 EDT | Updated 06/16/2017 01:03 EDT

The Week In Video: The Weird And Strange, Human Body Edition

Ah, the human body. It truly is capable of amazing things, like landing an incredible soccer goal, hovering above ground or designing a jet pack that lets you fly through the air.

And yet, the body is also capable of some not so incredible feats, like failing at make-up tutorials or during "Wheel of Fortune." Then there are times when the human body can land you in serious trouble, like when police accused one Russian teen of stealing a cell phone back in March.

Now, teens being accused of pickpocketing shouldn't make headlines, but what makes the case for the accused, who has only been identified as Thomas by the Moscow Times, so special is the size of the teen's genitals.

See, Thomas, who was born in the Ukraine but moved to Russia with his aunt, says he was 13 when he was caught but didn't have any proper identification to prove it, according to Elite Daily. As such, doctors based his age on the size of his teeth and penis, claiming the latter was so big, he had to be at least 16 to 17.

So what's the big deal between being 13 and 16 in Russia? Well, it turns out 16 is the age when those accused can be tried as adults.

For the full details behind Thomas vs. Russia's penal system and more odd videos this week, check out the videos above.