06/09/2014 07:36 EDT | Updated 06/16/2017 01:22 EDT

Facebook exec Sibyl Goldman seriously seeking Hollywood and sports celebs

BANFF, Alta. - Sibyl Goldman has only been on the job a few months trying to attract celebrities to Facebook but she already has set her sights on comedy veteran and talk show host Stephen Colbert.

Goldman was recruited from Ryan Seacrest Productions to court Hollywood and sports celebrities to use Facebook to a greater degree.

She's now Facebook's head of entertainment partnerships.

"The focus is making the experience on Facebook and Instagram better for public figures — it could be Lebron James, who is a very active Facebooker and was doing a Facebook live interview the other day or it could be Joe Biden, who is posting an Instagram photo," she said.

"It could be Hugh Jackman, who, as he was preparing for the Tonys, is posting videos and doing all sorts of great stuff. I'm a power fan of pop culture. I am like the poster person for this stuff."

Facebook acquired Instagram for $1 billion in 2012.

Goldman said many celebrities are already familiar with how Facebook and Instagram work but need to "rekindle" with the networking site and realize the new features aren't that difficult to do.

She said of the celebrities who aren't engaged in Facebook, Stephen Colbert is at the top of her want list.

"He's got a show. He's going to be taking David Letterman's place and comedy is the most powerful form of material on all of these platforms," Goldman said.

"He's very much on our radar to start working with as the opportunity is so huge. I'm a comedy nerd and that is so interesting to me."

Goldman said Facebook recently worked with the cast of Netflix show "Orange is the New Black" and points to a decision by Beyonce to use Instagram to announce a surprise new album last year as how effective it can be.

"She did her interview around this album that she released in a totally groundbreaking way using Instagram. It was really exciting and she has been sourcing images from some of her music videos from fan photos," she said.

"That's just us taking it to the next level, which is exciting."

It may not be for everyone, however.

Apparently embattled Toronto Mayor Rob Ford isn't on her list of celebrities, despite numerous appearances as fodder on the late night talk show circuit and as a guest with Jimmy Kimmel.

"Oh my gosh. Thank goodness that's not my category although he is very entertaining and almost transitions into the entertainment category," Goldman said with a laugh.

"We do have a team that works with influencers and government officials and I don't know where he stands on their list. He's almost on the verge of almost an entertainer and also being a public figure."

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