06/09/2014 04:55 EDT | Updated 06/16/2017 01:08 EDT

Faulty Elevator Injures Man, Rockets Him 31 Floors In 15 Seconds (VIDEO)

An elevator has sent a Chilean man to hospital with serious injuries after it malfunctioned, launching him up 31 floors in 15 seconds before slamming into the roof of the building.

Closed circuit television footage shows the man, whom The Independent has identified as 31-year-old José Vergara Acevedo, entering the lift in a recently-constructed building in Bustamante Community Park in Providencia, Chile.

One of the first signs of trouble is when the elevator quickly ascends before the doors could close, according to the video on YouTube.

The doors then opens uncontrollably while still in motion, leaving Acevedo scrambling to close the doors by mashing the buttons on the nearby panel. The footage then cuts abruptly after the elevator eventually collides with the roof, leaving Acevedo with injuries to his head and legs.

The building was completed eight months ago, reports. Police are investigating into what caused the malfunction, while Acevedo's wife is demanding those responsible for the malfunction to face justice, according to NBC.