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How This Third-Grade Friendship Ended Will Warm Your Heart (VIDEO)

If the "friend zone" is leaving you in despair, perhaps Tiffani Faranda and Michael Hermalyn's love story will give you hope.

The two New Yorkers tied the knot last Friday in New Jersey but their relationship started years ago when they met in the third grade.

Faranda and Hermalyn lived just 10 houses away from each other, their parents became friends and the two ended up attending the same school and class.

From there, they started passing each other notes, writing letters to each other, until one day in the 7th grade, Hermalyn asked Faranda out.

She said yes, but things weren't always so smooth.

"My friend Carl told me it wasn't cool to have a girlfriend. So we broke up. Thanks Carl," jokes Hermalyn.

Regardless, they still kept in touch during high school and university, and even though they dated other people, they still remained friends, says Faranda.

See how everything ends for Faranda and Hermalyn in the video above.

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