Men Spend More Than Women -- At Least, Secretly

Women have long been painted as the gender that goes on shopping spree and then hide the bags in their closet to cover their tracks — but as it turns out, men are far more likely to be the ones actually doing it.

In a survey released by Experian Consumer Services that looked at the many financial aspects of marriage, found that the average amount of money a woman is willing to spend without first discussing it with her spouse was $396, while for men, the answer to that same question was $1,231. That's right, three times more.

One reason why the discrepancy in discussing amounts with spouses could be thanks to the unfortunate wage gap that still remains between men and women. In the U.S., women earn on average 80 per cent of what men make for the same jobs, while in Canada, that number drops down to 70 per cent, reports the CBC. So it falls to reason that if you're taking home a larger amount, it seems likely you feel less obligated to "check in" about your purchases.

While the survey didn't specify what each partner may be spending their money on, plenty of other reports in the past have mentioned anything from ensuring their children's well-being is at the forefront for women to electronics taking a lump sum of the paycheque for men.

What do you think? How much would you be comfortable spending before talking to your partner about it?

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