06/12/2014 11:21 EDT | Updated 06/17/2014 03:59 EDT

12 Reasons One-Piece Swimsuits Are Better Than Bikinis

M Swiet Productions via Getty Images

Deciding on the perfect swimsuit can be incredibly annoying. Some are too skimpy, while others are just completely unflattering for your body type. To help you avoid this frustration, trust us when we say that a one-piece is where it’s at.

Not convinced? Here are 12 reasons why a one-piece trumps the bikini any day. We hate to say we told you so!

They can effectively hide trouble areas.

So you can go ahead and eat that big lunch.

Some of them have cute frills and ruffles.

So cute!

They're just as sexy as string bikinis.

Go on, bring out that inner Sasha Fierce.

But they can also be super sophisticated.

Plus, they're appropriate for physical activity.

Or running along the beach, "Baywatch" style.

You don't have to worry about your top or bottoms falling off at the slightest touch of a wave.

And no matter what anyone says, they’ve always been trendy.

They effectively protect your stomach from getting too much sun.

And for those who burn easy, this is a blessing!

Plus, sometimes they make you feel like a kid again.

And who wouldn’t love that?

You don’t have to worry about matching tops and bottoms.

Just slip it on and you’re good to go!

They flatter your curves in the best possible way.

And they can be fun and flirty without going overboard.

A definite plus for that next family vacay.

So the next time you hit the beach, make sure to grab your one-piece.

We swear you won’t regret it!

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