Toronto Panda Pregnant: Zoo Animal Showing 'Nesting' Behaviours (VIDEO)

After artificially inseminating Er Shun, a female panda at the Toronto Zoo, in April, staff now believe she could be pregnant with a cub.

A video uploaded by the Toronto Zoo (shown above), entitled "What's black and white and may be pregnant? Is Er Shun 'nesting'?" on Thursday, showed Er Shun performing "nesting" behaviours, similar to those exhibited by human mothers prior to giving birth.

A panda's gestation period is approximately three to five months, according to the Smithsonian, with most of a panda's development happens outside the womb. For the Toronto Zoo, if all goes according to plan, they can expect a panda cub around mid to late August.

Considering how beloved their polar bear cub, Humphrey, became upon his arrival, there's no doubt a panda cub would be just as popular.

It must be noted, however, that when this video was originally published in May, the zoo described Er Shun playing with straw as an "enrichment device." Our guess is that this teaser is just a lead-up to the real announcement.

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