06/12/2014 08:28 EDT | Updated 06/12/2014 08:59 EDT

Torrence Collier, Lone Black Kid In Newfoundland Town, Endures Bullying (VIDEO)

Torrence Collier can't take it anymore.

The 11-year-old boy is the only black child in the community of Westport, N.L. He says he has experienced racist, verbal and physical attacks at St. Peter's Academy that are so bad he has to be escorted to class, CTV News reported.

The alleged abuse has led to two panic attacks in recent months, along with headaches and anxiety.

And now his mother, Heather Collier, wants the Newfoundland and Labrador English School District to take action. She also wants transportation provided for him so he can attend another school, which is further from his home.

"He's very unhappy," she said.

The Colliers claim the bullying started when they moved to Westport from Saskatchewan about a year and a half ago, CBC News reported.

Torrence has since been called the "N-word" and had insults like "rapist" directed his way, his mother said.

"I feel horrible about myself," he told the network. "And sometimes, I wonder if they're right. If I am all those things that they call me."

Students have been suspended in connection with cases involving Torrence, district communications director Ken Morrissey told CTV, but he provided no further details.

A Facebook group calls on people to write notes of support for the boy. Comedian Shaun Majumder has joined in.

But others say that Torrence has harassed other students himself. Westport parent Deborah Jacobs told CBC News that he has bullied her two daughters enough that she's careful to ensure they avoid him.

"He is instigating a lot of this to other children," she said.

And not everyone agrees with using national publicity to deal with Torrence's situation.

In the rush to support the boy, people have left antagonistic remarks about Westport and its people on Facebook, said Yahoo! News writer Matthew Coutts.

"In our rush to protect children from one another, we’re creating a climate where every act of bullying can be countered with cross-country outrage," he wrote.

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